Life is a Game for One Family

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EUGENE, Ore. — Have you ever been out with a group of people who are staring at their smart phones? One family wants to change all that, with a book that’s bringing friends and families closer together.

Travis Breier is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. Breier, along with his family, wrote the book, “Life is a Game.”

“The idea behind the book is to detach people from their cell phones, which is all too common now,” says Breier.

He says he and his older brother along with their dad got the idea while they were driving to a kayak class in northern California. To pass the time, they started listing every game they knew. In no time, they had over 100.

When they got home, his older brother, mom and grandma all added to the list.

One of Breier’s favorites is the Balloon Game, where you try to keep your balloon in the air while spiking your opponent’s balloon. There’s also Utensil Towers, Chubby Bunny, Sock Wrestling and Eat What’s in My Hand or Lick my Toe.

One of Breier’s roommates says the games remind him of playing in the neighborhood when he was younger.

“These games, they kind of bring it back to when you were a kid,” says Jack Coster.

The book came out in November, after a Kickstarter campaign raised $6,000 for an illustrator. Travis says sales are going well and the games are a big hit with his friends.

“Life is a Game” is available on Amazon.com and at the Duck Store.

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