Linn County Sheriff to Retire

ALBANY, Ore. — After 29 years serving Linn County, Sheriff Tim Mueller is retiring.

In a personal note to Linn County residents, the sheriff says he’s decided to “hang up his gun and put away his uniform” on December 31.

He served as sheriff for the past 8 years. Sheriff Mueller says he’ll miss working in the community, but is excited for this next chapter. He looks forward to having more time with his family and plans to stay involved with the department, training and educating new officers.

Sheriff Mueller’s recommending that Linn County Board of Commissioners appoint undersheriff Bruce Riley as the new sheriff.


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  1. jason marks says:

    As a Harrisburg resident and gun enthusiast, I am very sad to hear this. What a great guy!

  2. musicman60 says:

    wow eight years and can retire nice kick backs in that area

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