Linthicum Challenges Walden in 2014

MEDFORD, Ore – Dennis Linthicum knows his work is cut out for him in his campaign for Congress.

His opponent, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Oregon) has won handily each time he has been up for reelection. He’s a key member of the GOP. And they’re both from the Republican Party.

But Linthicum said he wants lawmakers to do more for rural Oregon.

“We need men and women who are willing to go to Congress and start making changes at the top level,” he said.

Linthicum is challenging Walden in the Republican Primary, which will be held on May 20. For the past three years, he has served as a Klamath County Commissioner. In that position, Linthicum said he has seen the negative effects of government rules on the area’s economy.

“Specifically, areas of overreach and over-regulation,” he said.

Linthicum has positioned himself as the more conservative candidate, saying Walden has not done enough to protect the interests of conservative voters in Southern Oregon. But Walden said he has constantly been battling against over-regulation, especially in the fight over the Affordable Care Act.

“People are really spun up and frustrated and rightfully so,” Walden said. “And I think it’s just indicative of when government tries to step in and do too much for too many, over-promise and under-deliver.”

Walden said he is not concerned about having a Republican challenger in the primary, adding that this has not been the first time. He said it won’t create any sort of complications for Republicans moving forward, and said each candidate’s record should speak for itself.

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