Livestrong Texas 4,000 Bike Ride Passes Through Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 4,000 miles–that’s how far a group of young bikers will trek this summer.

This group isn’t on this massive bike ride purely for fun, though.

Forty-two people in their early 20s set out from Austin, Texas on June 2 with a goal of riding to Anchorage, Alaska by August 10.

It’s a fundraising trip for cancer research.

The group is called Livestrong Texas 4,000.

Monday the group stopped in Eugene at the Youth Corps office.

Riders travel about 70 miles a day and stop along the way to share their personal stories along with a program about cancer statistics.

The cyclists say they’ve already seen some beautiful parts of the country, but more importantly they hope their ride raises money and awareness.

“To know that as a 22-year-old, a group of 22-year-olds, we can make a difference in a way and make an impact in that way, I’m honored humbled each and every day that I can be a part of something like this,” said rider Leah Horsch.

So far they’ve raised $295,000 with a goal of $300,000.

Since the nonprofit’s founding in 2004, it’s raised a million dollars for cancer research.

They bike about 70 miles a day and rest every 10 days.

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