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Justin’s Monday Night’s Forecast Discussion

We knew it wouldn’t last! Our first Fall storm of the season is on its way for this weekend. We’ve been dry for more than 42 straight days and the last time we saw consecutive days of rain was the  middle of July. BUT- we still have a few days of sunny afternoons before the rain arrives. So …

Tomorrow will start cloudy as the flow has turned westerly today, the marine clouds will be there from the coast to the inland valleys for most of the early morning hours. We’ll get back to sunny skies by the afternoon and highs sitting near 70 for most of the valley and Umpqua. Unfortunately, the coast may not see a lot of sunshine over the next few days as the storms get closer, they’ll push the ocean clouds back up against the coastline.

The next couple of days will stay sunny in the afternoons and dry. By Friday, the high pressure center breaks down and we’ll see the first of a series of waves move through. The coast may see some light to moderate showers by Friday evening, especially the northern half. Inland areas may just see cloudy skies overnight into Saturday. The weekend will be wet at times, nothing heavy, but both Saturday and Sunday have chances for showers as a few cold fronts move across the state. Highs with the cooler air and possible showers, will be cooler, in the mid to upper 60s.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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