Local Autioneers Wheeling and Dealing

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EUGENE, Ore. — Need to sell something? Craigslist and garage sales are two options, but what about an auction?

Frank Brewer is one fast talker. At West End Auction in Eugene, he’s in the business of wheeling and dealing.

“If the people bid fast, I can talk fast,” Brewer said.

We caught up with him getting ready for his next auction. Many of the items this time around came from a big warehouse in Medford, including a Makita drill, a small compressor and generators. Some of them were floor models with the price tag still on and others simply discontinued.

Frank’s been auctioning items for more than 60 years. He says the increase in garage sales and Craigslist ads have slowed down his business some, but it hasn’t impacted the deals.

Anyone interested in purchasing items can simply come to West End Auction and register and you get a number. With the number you place a bid. The highest bid wins.

But what if you want to sell an item? First up, you pay a commission. And you can’t set your price. Before any auction, Brewer will let a potential seller know what an item may fetch, such as a Thomasville bedroom set valued around $3,000.

“It will probably bring in the neighborhood of $300 to $500,”Brewer said.

You get what you get. If you’re not sure, one option brought in just a couple items.

Whether selling or buying, it happens fast.

West End Auction is holding its next auction Wednesday, August 15 at 6 p.m.

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