Local Blood Supply Surges

EUGENE, Ore. — Even though the tragedies in Massachusetts and Texas are thousands of miles away, they’re prompting people in Lane County to give back.

Lane Blood Center managers say even if the blood that donors give here isn’t directly going to those locations, people still feel compelled to come in and give what they can.

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, Lane Blood Center managers say they have seen a spike in blood supply.

After Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion Wednesday night, the center is continuing to see more donors come through its doors.

Managers say with back-to-back tragedies like this, blood is in high demand. And for those who have never given blood before, they find this a good time to try it for the first time.

Former regulars say it’s a good time to start going back.

“Long time donors who might have gotten out of the routine– this is a reminder of why it is so important, because it’s the blood on the shelves at the end of the tragedy that saves the lives,” said Marshall White, Donor Recruitment Director.

Lane County stays connected with blood centers across the U.S. through a national network. Managers say the West Texas Blood Center’s supply is ample with many donors flocking to help there.

Lane County offered its assistance to Boston but says it wasn’t needed.

Managers say they are always ready for a disaster with a week’s supply of blood on the shelves.

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