Local Breweries Impacted by Shutdown

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local breweries are feeling the impact of the government shutdown.

The Viking Braggot Company in Eugene says it’s trying to bottle its beer and start selling products in stores. Co-owner, Daniel McTavish, says the government shutdown is putting a hold on this process.

Before the company can start bottling, McTavish says they have to get labels approved by the federal government.

Viking Braggot currently has four beers it wants to bottle, two of which have already been approved. McTavish says it’s frustrating because this is making an already long process even longer.

“Normally, it’s about a three month process but right now we’re not exactly sure when it’s going to be ready. We don’t have any kind of a time frame,” said McTavish.

During the shutdown, no new breweries can open either because they need approval from the federal government.

Viking Braggot company isn’t the only local brewery that’s impacted. Ninkasi Brewing says it has ten labels waiting to get approved for products they hope to have out by January.

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