Local Brewery Expands to the Whit

EUGENE, Ore. — Another local brewery is spilling out of their current space and expanding further into the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

Hop Valley signs deck the old warehouse building on the 900 block of 1st Avenue. The brewery has been experiencing a higher demand and needs more space. The extra location will be used for a new brewing facility and a tasting room.

“How the others coming in will resonate I guess is up to be seen; but, it’s gonna be great having a tourist destination,” said Jame Book, Ninkasi Marketing Director.

“Nothing but positive, it’s bringing more jobs to a pretty depressed area,” said resident Chrisal Glynn.

Hop Valley hopes to be up and running by January. It’s rumored that Falling Sky is looking into the Whiteaker Neighborhood as well.

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