Local Business Moves into New Facility

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Every day 2,000 caps sift through embroidery machines at Richardson Sports.

CEO Kelly Richardson says that efficiency is very much a bi-product of their new facility.

“It allowed us to lay out our production, our decoration, our customization department in a much better way. You’ve got everybody in one spot now in one room,” said Richardson.

He says that wasn’t the case in their old facility in Eugene.

But their new building continues their growth of primarily producing baseball caps.

“Everybody wants it custom-made to order. Everybody wants it special and custom so this facility just allows us to be better at that,” said Richardson.

He says that popularity grew exponentially.

But the family-owned business wasn’t always just baseball caps.

“My father and a guy named Howard Wicklund back in the late 60s and that time we were a full-line sporting goods company selling mainly regional to distributors to and dealing around the northwest,” said Richardson.

Head wear was just one of the products the company sold.

But they soon found quality baseball caps were in high demand.

“On some occasions they’re thought of as kind of secondary to T-shirts and hoodies and sweatshirts but for me and it’s not just because I work at a head wear company I don’t think but for me it really is more than just a piece of clothing,” said Derek Jensen, Sales Marketing Manager.

“It allows people to make a style statement about who they are and so head wear can be used in a wide range of places and different people wear caps, everybody wears caps,” said Richardson.

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