Local Carjacking Ends in CA Shootout

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two people are dead including a California Sheriff’s Deputy after a crime spree that started in Eugene. Just after 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning Eugene Police responded to an armed robbery and carjacking on Kinsrow Avenue, near Autzen Stadium.

The carjacking crime spree ended in Northern California in a shootout with police.

It started early in the morning near Autzen Stadium when police said Ricardo Chaney stole a black BMW from residents in the Kinsrow area. “A couple had their BMW stolen and they were actually put in the trunk and kidnapped,” said Mendocino County Sheriff Thomas Allman.

Everyone safely escaped from the trunk at some point. Hours later the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office said it found that car and Chaney. “And actually got in an altercation with a business owner in Northern Mendocino County where shots were exchanged between him and the business owner and the business owner called 911,” said Allman.

Chaney then led deputies on a chase, ending in the coastal town of Cleone, in Northern California. That was where shots rang out between Chaney and authorities. “The suspect fired six or seven rounds at the Lieutenant before the Lieutenant fired at him,” said Allman.

During that firefight Chaney shot and killed Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino before another deputy shot and killed Chaney. Police said when they found Chaney he had two assault rifles and a double barrel shotgun

ABC affiliate KGO out of San Francisco is reporting detectives from the Eugene Police Department are heading down to Mendocino County to continue their investigation. No word yet from the Eugene Police Department on their investigation.

Chaney has a lengthy criminal history in Eugene and was arrested as recently as March 6,2014. According to Eugene Police they pulled him over for several traffic violations. That’s when officers said they found he did not have insurance. They impounded the vehicle and found several firearms including a modified assault rifle and body armor.

EPD sent the rifle to Oregon State Police for investigation because it appeared to have been modified. Officers arrested Chaney numerous times over the last ten years, accusing him of varying crimes including assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct.


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  1. ron says:

    So where are the people that were in the trunk??? Dead somewhere?

  2. David Nelson says:

    You say modified ar-15 so what was modified about it. What made it special..

    Get tired of news reporting like this that makes those of use who legally have these forearms seem evil. Both of my AR’s are Modified, But then what is Modified. Mine are not done so they fire faster or hold more rounds. Just so they fit me better.

    And that evil Double barreled shot gun. He was just following our Vice President and how he gets rid of people trying to break into his house.

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