Local Church Feeds the Hungry

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EUGENE, Ore. — How many turkeys would you need if you’re expecting 300 guests? A local church is offering a free meal on Thanksgiving.

At St. Peter Church on Maxwell Road inside the parish center in a tiny kitchen, a group of women are preparing a feast.

These women are preparing a feast, cutting apples, onion and celery. The food is all made from scratch.

“We are all doing it from our homes. So, it’s all like home cooking,” said Paula Voborsky, St. Peter Church Pastoral Associate.

Teams of volunteers are working in shifts to pull off this feat. Patty Roland typically cooks Thanksgiving dinner for her family, but not this year.

“Yeah, I’ll eat here with the people that are here,” Roland said.

“What’s been overwhelming is the support we’ve had from the larger community and especially the St. Peter community,” Voborsky said.

Donations have poured in. The refrigerator is packed. And on the counter–canned goods, rolls and stuffing mix. Every that is there has been donated. Come noon on Thursday, it will be ready to serve.

Everyone is invited–the homeless, those who can’t afford a meal and those who are simply alone. St. Peter is preparing to feed 250 to 300 people.

The dinner is offered on Thanksgiving Day from 12pm to 5pm at St. Peter Catholic Church located at 1150 Maxwell Road.

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