Local Club Helps Break Record

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MARCOLA, Ore. — A local club that helped break an American record in 2009 and in 2010, dared to do it again on Saturday.

The Willamettans Inc., a family nudist resort in Marcola, along with similar clubs across the country worked to break skinny dipping record. In 2009, around 12,800 people nationwide participated.  In 2010, around 18,700 all to break the American record for most skinny dippers at one time.

“It’s a lot of fun actually. These people in the pool are just playing volleyball and having a good time like nothing’s ever different,” said participant Alyssa Miller.

The club planned this as part of a nationwide event to break an American record.

“At exactly one o’clock our time, four o’clock on the east coast , everybody whether it’s a pool, a river, an ocean, whatever,” said Richard Stockett, Willamettans Public Relations Chairman.

Stockett says they hope to set a personal record of 300 people but nationally, a record of 20,000.

Miller said she had her concerns at first because people might think she’s weird, but at the end of the day she’s ready to shed her inhibitions.

“I feel like just the fact that we can be ourselves and we don’t have to have clothes on to say who we are, we’re just here having a good time,” said Miller. “I think it’s something that everyone should want to be a part of. You’re never going to get this opportunity in your life to break a world record right here in your local area. That’s really cool to be a part of that.”

Stockett said they won’t know for another three to four weeks whether or not they broke the record because all participating clubs across the country will have to turn in numbers for judges to tally the totals.

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