Local Company Making Sustainable Flooring

EUGENE, Ore. — More and more businesses are seeking for sustainability in both their processes and their products.

Dalton Carpets in Eugene is one of them that offers green flooring options for your home.

One of those carpets is made from recycled pop bottles.

The owner says the idea has been around since the late ’90s, but advancements in technology have made it more comfortable and it requires fewer chemicals to keep it clean.

“It was a very important thing to me to try to find something that would be more beneficial to the environment because carpet doesn’t break down when it’s in a landfill for many years, and neither do pop bottles,” said Dalton Carpet Owner Rocky Stevens.

Dalton also offers a series of carpet that uses corn to help build fibers.

DuPont developed the technology to help use less oil in creating flooring and says it outperforms nylon in both wear and stain tests.

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