Local Company’s Lights Featured in Movie

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EUGENE, Ore. — Bright lights, big city–that’s Hollywood. But all the glitz and glamour didn’t shine bright enough.

A major film studio working on Tom Cruise’s latest feature film called on a Eugene business.

Coming soon to a movie theater near you–Oblivion, a futuristic sci-fi thriller. But when Dan Patnode watches the trailer, he’s not watching Tom Cruise.

“You immediately see the light. It gets exposed. It hits his face,” said Patnode said.

That’s Patnode’s light. He’s always had a fascination with flashlights.

“From the first little Duracels as a child up to the Maglights as a teenager,” he said. “You can take the light you left behind at the house and wherever you are and can see as long as you want.”

In 2010, he and wife Sarah starting up their flashlight company called Oveready.

It was a collaborative creative effort. Torch Lab manufactures the parts and Oveready assembles and sells them.

Each flashlight is custom built to order ranging in price from $62 up to $450.

A light could have up to 22 parts. From the lens, switch, bezel, extender and engine.

Patnode puts each one together and tests it before it’s shipped it out.

Oveready process about 60 to hundreds orders a week from its website–a relatively small operation that hit it big in December 2011 when an e-mail arrived.

They sent the producers several versions.

It’s bright. The 2011 version offers 1,100 lumens.

This is the next generation 1,600 lumens. Oveready is now working on a model with 2,000 lumens. Keep in mind a top of the line commercial flashlight has only 700.

“You can actually feel the heat from that,” Dan Patnode said.

That blinding light plays a starring role in the trailer.

“We were floored by how much use they had made of the flashlight in the trailer,” said Sarah Patnode.

All that from a tiny little flash no more than two and half inches long.

“I would say we made it bright in Hollywood,” Sarah Patnode said.

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