Local Couple Launches National TV Show

EUGENE, Ore. — A Lane County couple is getting a taste of Hollywood, thanks to some spooky happenings on their property.

Larry Overman bought an old mine out in Sumpter in Baker County, Oregon a couple years ago.

When he brought in a crew to work in it, they kept telling him the mine was haunted. So he hired some new guys and a paranormal team to help out.

That got the attention of a production company in Los Angeles. Together they put together “Ghost Mine,” a TV show that just debuted on the Syfy channel last week.

“They’re doing a lot more than gold and ghosts,” said Larry Overman, ‘Ghost Mine’ owner.

“It’s nice to see the history of the town and the history of where all that came from and began. That’s really fun to watch,” said Stacie Sisk-Overman, ‘Ghost Mine’ Owners.

A few of the miners are from Lane County, as are some of the people who work behind the scenes.

If you want to learn more about the show, click here.

Photo courtesy of Syfy.

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