Local Crews Respond to Power Outages

JASPER, Ore. — Lane County saw intense weather and power outages throughout Monday night and local utility crews are still cleaning up the mess Tuesday.

Power outages in Lane County aren’t nearly as bad as they are out on the coast, but there are still situations that crews are getting to.

At one call that EPUD responded to, they needed to remove tipping tree before it fell into the power lines.

EPUD serviceman Mark Raimer says Tuesday was a lot easier than Monday night.

“What we were having problems with was things we would get back up, we’d lose them again. You get the wire back up, everything is great, you call it in and then a half hour later a big gust of wind comes up and tears something down again,” Raimer said.

That seemed to be the case for other utilities as well.

Lane Electric said they thought they took care of all their issues by late afternoon, but just a few hours later, they had to call nearly everyone back in to deal with the second round of stormy

One EPUD crew says it’s been a grueling past 24 hours, but the patience of customers has made things a little easier.

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