Local Dealership’s Recall Efforts

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EUGENE, Ore. — The head of General Motors continues to get grilled in Washington DC over the massive recall believed to be tied to 13 deaths.

Members of a Senate panel are accusing GM of trying to cover up problems with an ignition switch and it’s left a lot of vehicle owners with questions.

This involves 2.6 million vehicles. Members of the Senate panel are trying to get GM to tell all of the owners to quit driving the vehicles involved, but GM says the cars are safe, as long as nothing is placed on the key chain.

The faulty ignition switch can cut off the engine, steering, and air bags. Management at Kendall Auto Group in Eugene says they’ve received calls from customers with questions and concerns and they’ve set up a customer help line, and an email address for help.

“Along with the ability to talk about their particular vehicle and be specific to the vehicle they’re driving, there’ll also be some talking points on there and other information about the recall as it’s given to us,” said Phillip Mendonca, general manager at Kendall.

Mendonca says they’ve checked local recalled vehicles and ordered parts to help fix any problems customers are having.

There are a number of makes, models and years involved in the recall. Click here see a full list and other frequently asked questions GM is answering. Kendall can be reached at 844-495-2044 or via email.

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