Local Deputy Wins Statewide Award

EUGENE, Ore. — A huge honor was announced for a Lane County sheriff’s deputy.

Deputy Charles Douglass was named Oregon Marine Patrol Officer of the Year by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators. He beat out more than 100 county and state law enforcement officers who monitor Oregon’s waterways.

Douglass has worked for the sheriff’s office for 13 years, spending his past four on marine patrol.

“It’s flattering. It’s nice to be recognized for working hard, and I work hard because I love what I do,” Douglass said.

Douglass says his favorite parts of the job are driving the jet boat and training new marine patrol officers.


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  1. jason marks says:

    LCSO sucks, they can’t and refuse to bring funding to the table for the jail.

    Lets put the commissioners in that bunch also.

    With all the jail releases, I can’t imagine that we have one single person in jail.

    Why bother, the whole thing is a joke and the criminals know it.

    boating…. we have no one in jail… the jail with the new multi million dollar heating and lighting and a/c upgrade… what a waste.

    Heck what about an award for that helicopter?

  2. Outstanding Job Deputy! says:

    The Marine Board a State of Oregon agency pays 100% of this fine Deputy’s wages and equipment costs with money collected from boat registration fees. However, if there is a serious emergency that has nothing to do with boating he will risk his life even for an idiot like Jason Marks…The Helicopter program was lost years ago do to budget cuts. What really sucks is someone spreading misinformation!

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