Local Family Brings Back Cowboy Music

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VENETA, Ore. — Old school western cowboy music is making a comeback.

A local family is taking their show on the road entertaining audiences and winning awards. Their next stop: Florence.

Meet the Hanson Family Singers. They’ve been performing together since they were kids.

Lisa is on the violin, Theresa is on the guitar, and Daniel plays bass. Also part of the show is their parents, Wayne and Leslie. They have seven kids, and at one point they all sang. Many people compare them to von Trapps from The Sound of Music.

“Often times when we are at places, especially when we had all seven of our kids with us they would say, ‘Oh, there’s the von Trapp Family’ not even knowing we sang, and we’d say, ‘Yes, but we’re the von Hansons,'” Wayne said.

Now it’s just the three young kids.

“We’ve always kind a taken it for granted growing up. We all sing together. This is normal. We go out and people are like, ‘There’s not one of you that doesn’t sing,” Lisa said.

“Mom and Dad were always in music, and we’re in it as well,” Daniel said.

They sing mostly western cowboy with a little jazz and pop.

“It’s wholesome. It’s good. It makes you appreciate things more,” Wayne said.

And they also yodel.

“Once you get what you are actually doing in breaking your voice from chest voice into falsetto, then it’s really easy,” Theresa said.

Harmony comes easy to them. They know about 700 songs and take them on the road teaching old school barn dances, entertaining with songs and winning competitions. Most recently they brought home the 2013 Kamloops Cowboy Festival Rising Star Award.

“Incredible–the crowd just erupted and went wild, and we went up there…flash, flash. It was great,” Theresa said.

“They just produce such great sounds. So wonderful harmonies that’s hard to find these days. I often bust my buttons with pride,” Wayne said.

The goal now is to take the show on the road and tour the country.

“I would say the Grand Ole Opry is the stage we are looking to perform at,” Daniel said.

Each show takes them closer.

The Hanson Family Singers are performing and putting on a barn dance this Saturday at the Florence Events Center. Tickets are still available.


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  1. ron says:

    Man..you young people are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

  2. Sharon & Bruce says:

    Way to go, Hanson Family Singers! We still remember the private showing you gave us in Santa Fe — thanks again, and God be with you ’till we meet again!

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