Local Fans Enjoy Super Bowl

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EUGENE, Ore. — Seattle Seahawks fans in the area are loud and proud tonight after the historic win.

From the cheers after each touchdown, it was pretty apparent one side outweighed the other.

For one couple, the divide was a little more personal.

“We butt heads a little bit but not too bad,” said Josh Seago, a Seahawks fan from Eugene.

Seago and his girlfriend, Basca Glasnapp, came to The Cooler in Eugene together on Super Bowl Sunday but he’s siding with the Seahawks without her.

“I’ve always been brought up on Broncos and my whole family has been rooting on the broncos. I love the broncos,” said Glassnap.

So with each cheering for a different team, even this inseparable couple has to do some friendly trash talking.

“Just a little bit. I say like, ‘Good game, good game,'” said Seago.

“He’s like, ‘Fist bump me.’ I’m like, ‘No. Not going to happen,'” said Glasnapp.

He didn’t get that fist bump but he says it’s okay because as the night went on, the Seahawks kept stacking the points and the fans kept cheering.

“It’s kind of embarrassing for the Broncos fans. That last touchdown is their first and only touchdown hopefully. There was a couple cheers but not much,” said Dillon Berkemeyer, a Seahawks fan.

“I like it a little closer. It’s a little more exciting that way. It’s exciting still but we’re winning by too much,” said Brandon Tribble, a Seahawks fan.

Although divided by the Broncos and Seahawks, at the end of the day, the two are back on the same team. Thanks to some good entertainment they can both agree on.

“I thought it was awesome. I love Red Hot Chili Peppers and I love Bruno Mars so it was great. They’re a good combo,” said Glasnapp.

“Bruno Mars is a little over played and I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers but it was a good half time show,” said Seago.

The couple also agreed on the Bud Light commercial being their favorite one. Another favorite was a commercial featuring Stephen Colbert.

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