Local Fire Honor Guard Member in Arizona

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A local Fire Service Honor Guard member is in Arizona to pay his respects to a Portland firefighter who died in the line of duty.

Capt. Michael Hundt from Springfield says he didn’t know John Percin, Jr., the Oregon firefighter killed in the Arizona wildfire, but he knows the firefighting brotherhood, and that’s all the reasoning he needs to fly to Arizona to show his support.

Hundt says when a firefighter dies, an honor guard member stays with the fallen fighter from the moment he dies until the burial. He says going to arizona is not about himself or the glory, but about remembering a brother and his family.

“I know what we do, and I know what we go through and what they put up with. They miss anniversaries. They miss kids’ ball games. They miss all that because they’re on duty, trying to do the job, and now he’s given the ultimate sacrifice,” Capt. Hundt said.

Hundt says this is his way of showing respect for Percin, who is originally from West Linn, Oregon.

There will be a memorial Tuesday in Prescott. On Wednesday, Hundt will be flying home with the family and Percin’s urn, which will be placed at the Lake Oswego Fire Station until the family’s private funeral on Friday.

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