Local Firefighters Honor Boy

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EUGENE, Ore. — A 5-year-old boy got a big thank you from the Eugene-Springfield fire department Wednesday for his generous donation.

For his birthday, Ethan asked his friends and family to give him money instead of gifts.

He got $68 and donated all of it to the fire department.

He told them to buy some “really big hose” with it.

So on Wednesday, the firefighters presented Ethan with a certificate of appreciation and showed him a piece of “really big hose” with his name stenciled on it.

“To me this is an inspiration, and hopefully will be an inspiration to others,” said Chief Randy Groves, Eugene and Springfield Fire Department.

“We always talk about what feels important to us, and what feels important to the kids and he picked his own location to donate birthday money,” said Ethan’s mother, Naomi Kramer.

The firefighters even took ethan for a spin in one of the fire trucks.

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