Local Florists Win with Olympians

EUGENE, Ore. — Making the Olympic Team is an unforgettable moment and one that a local florist got to be a part of each and every time.

Dandelions Flowers and Gifts in Eugene is a little shop that was chosen to do the important task of making the 120 bouquets handed to each athlete as they became a 2012 Olympian.

Each bouquet was made up of about seven different plants such as locally-grown Ribbon Grass and Oregon Bear Grass all in gold and green colors that were tied together with a bright blue ribbon.

Florists said the arrangement truly represented the event. And more importantly, it represented the city and state where these winning moments had taken place.

“The bouquets are the final launch to London. So those people who get to take that bouquet and lift it up, they’re on their way. And so that’s a very exciting moment and we know it is for the athletes, too. So it’s fun to know that something we touched is going to touch those Olympians,” said owner Shirley Lyons.

Florists said it was a busy couple of weeks but worth it to be a part of such an unforgettable event.

Lyons said this is actually their second time making these special bouquets. They also made them back in 2008 and are honored to continue being a part of the experience.

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