Local Fugitive Caught in California

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. — A Springfield man, wanted for several local crimes, is sitting in a Southern California jail.

David Friend is wanted for an attempted murder in Springfield in 2011.

Officers say Friend and his brother forced their way into neighbor’s home, beating him and even shooting at him.

Lane County deputies arrested Friend’s brother, but couldn’t track him down. They issued a federal warrant and got help from America’s Most Wanted.

“Pleased to have him in custody. We had a lot of help especially in a situation like this where he’s obviously not in the local jurisdiction and we don’t have the resources to send a team down to Riverside, California and spend two weeks looking for him, so we had a lot of help from our law enforcement partners,” said Sgt. Cliff Harrold, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Friend will likely be extradited to Oregon to face the charges against him.

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  1. jason marks says:

    don’t bring him here, we don’t need another murder suspect walking around on the streets.

    Sheriff’s dept are a bunch of fools, “lets extradite him and release him because we have no money”,


    And to think we let the DEPT carry bullets in their guns.

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