Local Fundraiser for Mudslide Victims

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PLEASANT HILL, Ore. — A Pleasant Hill woman with ties to Darrington, Washington stepped up to help victims of the mudslide, Monday.

Nancy Bascom was born and raised in Darlington, just 10 miles away from the Oso mudslide. Her and her husband Jon, are fundraising with Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road to help victims. They say they’re far away, but every little thing people can do goes a long ways.

The Oso mudslide has affected the lives of so many people, even some all the way in Lane County.

“My closest friend called me and I was unavailable and she left a message saying, ‘Nancy, I just want you to know we’re okay,’” said Nancy Bascom.

Nancy lives in Pleasant Hill but her story starts in Darrington, where she was born.

“I have a lot of friends. I went to school there all my 12 years of school. No kindergarten back then,” Nancy Bascom said.

That’s also where she met her husband, Jon Bascom.

“We eventually married and we lived there until about 1975 when we transferred with his job,” Nancy Bascom said.

Even though the Bascoms live in Pleasant Hill, the disaster still hit close to home for them.

“My heart’s been out to those people in Darrington. I still know a lot of people up there and they pull together,” said Jon Bascom.

“I lost one lady that I knew going through high school. We weren’t close friends, but I knew who she was. I knew her family, so I just felt like when this happened, I had this connection and I really wanted to do something to help out,” Nancy Bascom said.

Nancy reached out to Papa’s Pizza in Eugene to set up a fundraiser to help those affected by the mudslide. She and Jon say they’ve been touched by the local community’s willingness to help

“People are really interested in helping even though they don’t know anybody. I’ve had people stop by and put money in the jar already,” Nancy Bascom said.

“They’re still there. They’re down and out. They still need the help too and people have to realize, just because you have a big catastrophe like that, you’ve still got other people in the community,” Jon Bascom said.

Nancy and Jon are going to be at the Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road until midnight Monday.

To help out, print off this flyer and bring it in. Half of all proceeds Monday will go towards victims of the mudslide.

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