Local Gas Prices Coming Down

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EUGENE, Ore. — Gasbuddy.com says as cooler temperatures continue to invade the U.S., gas prices continue to cool off, too.

The national average is down for yet another week. The site surveyed 78 gas stations in Eugene and says the average retail gas prices are down eight cents. The current average is about $3.42 a gallon. But it didn’t have much to say about why.

So we went to a station in Eugene, as well as staked out a spot in Springfield, to see how customers are reacting to the drop and what their theories are as to why the numbers are down.

Customers say it may not be much, but it sure is nice.

“We usually take about $60, but it’s been taking a little less than that to fill it up so every little bit helps especially in this economy,” said Eugene resident Angel Rosenbaum.

And while most didn’t think too much about why, they had their theories.

“I thought it was because of the whole shutdown thing,” Rosenbaum said.

Employees at the 76 station on West 11th say they can’t explain how or why the changes happen, but in a case like this does it matter?

“A lot of business rolling in the way. We’re keeping the prices at the prices we got. Hopefully that works and everyone in the community is happy,” said Mitchell, the 76 manager.

People on the other side of town seemed to agree.

“Maybe it’s Obama. Maybe it’s the people. I’m not exactly sure, but I did notice a drop, and that’s nice,” said Eugene resident Anthony Munoz.

Whatever the reason, folks say enjoy it while you can.

“They’ll probably spike it up at about Thanksgiving. You watch (chuckle),” said Don Cooper, OmniShuttle driver.

How long this decline will last isn’t clear. But GasBuddy representatives say gas prices may be “more volatile” this week as the federal shutdown is now over.

The website says should upcoming information on supply and demand for the last two weeks be surprising, it may impact the direction of pricing in the days ahead.

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