Local Gas Prices Jump 25 Cents

EUGENE, Ore. — Gas prices are creeping up across the country, but one website says the Eugene-Springfield area is seeing a more serious spike.

In the past week, GasBuddy.com says we’ve seen a 25-cent increase. Compare that to the national uptick of just six cents.

The jump is frustrating for drivers.

“Especially working in construction, I fill up about once a week, so it’s really getting to be expensive,” said one driver.

“When you pick up the taxis and when we turn them back in, we pay for all the gas we use, so it’s taking from my pocket I work all day for,” said another driver.

Gas Buddy says the average price in Eugene and Springfield right now is $3.96 a gallon.

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  1. JB says:

    And of course we will soon hear all the B.S. excuses for raising the gas prices; while there is more crude than ever. Nothing but greed and speculation – that is the real cause. Every time this happens, the economy sags a little more.

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