Local Group Heads Typhoon Relief Effort

EUGENE, Ore. — With the number of people impacted by Typhoon Haiyan now in the millions, the need for aid has grown immensely. And there is now a massive international relief effort taking place all over the world. Even here, more than 6,000 miles away in the Eugene-Springfield area, groups are coming together in the wake of this disaster to find ways to offer their support.

Filipino and Asian-American organizations in town say they’ve been getting so many questions from people wanting to help. Tuesday night, the Philippine American Association (PAA) hosted a meeting to focus all that energy and decide where the incoming aid should go.

The organization’s Vice-Chair Curtis Diama says organizing these efforts is important, “We want to show people with the credible organizations that we will designate our funds to so that they would have confidence to know that their funds will go to support the people of the Philippines.

The group says these initial relief funds will likely be sent to the Philippine Red Cross. The Filipino restaurant Maynila in Springfield is serving as one of the donation sites for the group.

The organization says the fundraising process will be ongoing. Right now, it is about immediate relief, but rebuilding will be a lengthy process that will also need much financing.

Other local efforts:

Melissa Nolledo, a Filipina Eugenian, is hosting a relief dinner at her home on Thursday, Nov. 14 night. That will take place at 6 p.m. at 1415 28th Place in Eugene.

Crossfire Ministries is collecting monetary donations to send over. One-hundred percent of it will go to those impacted by the typhoon through their sister ministries in the Philippines.

The PAA is holding its first relief fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 16. The Pansit and Adobo Food Fundraiser will take place at Wesley Center at 1236 Kincaid Street in Eugene at 3 p.m. They will also be accepting in-kind donations of personal care items during that time.

The PAA is also holding a Spaghetti Fundraiser at the Wesley Center on Nov. 21.

For more information on other ways you can help, you can contact the following organizations:

Philippine American Association
Eugene-Springfield Asian-American Council
University of Oregon Kultura Pilipinas

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