Local Groups Feed Many on Thanksgiving

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of Lane County residents had the chance to enjoy their turkey with a side of comfort and care this Thanksgiving.

St. Peter Catholic Church served about 150 meals and sent leftovers home with more than 30 people. It also gave extra food to St. Vincent de Paul.

Friendly Street Church served 250 people and sent more than 300 meals home.

The Whiteaker Community Dinner drew in more than a thousand people than last year, with 2,500 people and more than 600 volunteers.

“We ran out of mashed potatoes and our mashed potatoes are great, so the chef and I have already talked about getting more mashed potatoes and things,” said Beverly Farfan, Whiteaker Thanksgiving Coordinator.

Organizers say there is a community need like never before. Next year Whiteaker volunteers hope to bring more clothing, blankets and sleeping bags.

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