Local Kids Learn About Saving Money


EUGENE, Ore. — April is Youth Savings Month–that’s why two local businesses teamed up Friday to give kids a lesson in banking.

About 20 children from St. Vincent de Paul affordable housing took a field trip to the Oregon Community Credit Union branch on Coburg Road.

The kids got a full tour, including a look inside the money vault. Each child also received $5 to open their own account to learn about the importance of saving money.

“They were so excited to come here, and I think it’s so important for everyone to recognize the importance of savings,” said Rebecca Larson, St. Vincent de Paul spokesperson.

“I just wanted to get all my money and put it in the bank accounts so I can save it for college,” said 7-year-old Josh Dameron.

OCCU has some helpful tips for you to teach your kids about saving money. Click here for more information.

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