Local Kids Visit Parents at EPUD

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EUGENE, Ore. — Parents, you likely had some tag-alongs Thursday.

It was National Take Your Child to Work Day. Some employees at Emerald People’s Utility District (EPUD) had some activities planned for their children.

Kids took part in different activities to teach them about public utilities while keeping them entertained. Everything from utility safety to metering how much power their favorite electronics use was covered throughout the day.

“This year we wanted to do something that was a lot more structured, a lot more fun for them, and they could learn something about both what their parents do and little bit about power safety and education as well,” said Jason Miller, EPUD Community Relations Coordinator.

“I get to hang out with my friends. Even though we’re learning, that’s fun,” said 11-year-old Chloe May.

Kids got the chance to use fake money to pay for energy bills.

EPUD says it’s an all-around great learning experience for the kids.

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