Local Law Firm Allows Babies at Work

EUGENE, Ore. — Most kids have to say goodbye to mom before she heads to the office, but not the attorneys at Arnold Law Firm.

The office allows moms to bring their newborns to work every day for the little one’s first year.

After that, moms can bring the kids in whenever they need to.

The office started this after the boss’s daughter was born three and a half years ago, and now there are as many as three little pairs of feet wandering the office on any given day.

“She comes in after preschool, and she always wants to play with her office brothers, so we get in big trouble with her if she doesn’t get to see the other babies frequently,” said attorney Mike Arnold.

He says moms who don’t re-enter the workforce right after having a baby rarely go back at all.

For small businesses, finding replacements for these new moms could be pretty tough without letting the kids in.

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