Local Leaders Support EmX

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene’s mayor and other supporters rallied Monday to support the EmX expansion into west Eugene.

They say the route is important to the local economy and would add roughly $95 million for local construction jobs.

“It’s transportation that’s more efficient. It reduces our fossil fuels, reduces air pollution and congestion. Transportation dollars will follow this kind of development,” said Mayor Kitty Piercy.

University of Oregon administrators say a growing number of students and staff use public transportation, so the west Eugene EmX expansion will help them get to campus with less hassle.

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  1. The west EmX will cause sever traffic impacts says:

    Reducing traffic congestion is nearly the sole reason why there has been any support at all for the plan, per LTD’s sponsored survey. This plan will add 80+ EmX round trips per day, in less than 15% dedicated lanes, in 90-100% mixed traffic on W 11th (from Garfield to Baily Hill), and by taking-a-lane on both 6th and 7th.

    If traffic congestion is not reduced, and instead increases, LTD will lose virtually all their support. This will make local transit unattractive, and enrage the public. There is absolutely nothing “symbolic” about such a poor mindless gamble. The district, the City, and the FTA will never hear the end of the complaints and resentment toward LTD.

    The council should govern Eugene, not the transit district. The council needs to shelve the project, and end the divisiveness!

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