Local Man Gives Back to ShelterCare

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EUGENE, Ore. — ShelterCare helps thousands of homeless people in Lane County each year, but one person who used ShelterCare to get back on his feet is now returning the favor.

About 20 years ago ShelterCare Facilities Manager Tom Weaver, was running out of options. He was a single dad of three boys and just couldn’t seem to find work. He says they were living in a tent in Creswell, but that all changed when he found ShelterCare.

The agency provides differing services for more than 1,600 homeless individuals in Lane County and eventually helped Weaver get back on his feet. Since then, he’s found a role at ShelterCare as their facilities manager. He says giving back to those who are in a similar situation is what’s important to him.

“I got to take furniture to people’s houses that had nothing and furnish their house for them. It was just like, wow. To be able to do that was pretty incredible,” Weaver said.

Now Weaver owns his own house. He says even though it took him five years to save up for it, it was worth it.

ShelterCare also helps those who suffer from mental illness by providing housing and psychiatric help.

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