Locals Turn Out for March Madness

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EUGENE, Ore. — Plenty of Duck fans flew south to watch their team beat Oklahoma State in person, but most of them stayed in Eugene happy to watch the game on TV.

Thursday afternoon fans poured into area bars. Fans say that March Madness is just too good to pass up and they’ll find any excuse to watch the Duck game.

There was hardly an empty seat at some area bars, but the tensions were tight as the game tipped off. For some it was about the love of the game. For others it was about enjoying a drink or two while watching their favorite team.

Restaurant and bar owners said they’re not surprised with the turnout even though it’s in the middle of the work week because these fans say they support their team no matter what day it is.

“I actually worked a half day. These guys saved me a seat so I could come for the Duck game,” said Duck fan Daniel Anderson.

“We’re looking for a place really close by that we could get away from work and get back in a reasonable amount of time and still have a great time,” said Duck fan Levi Simonson.

Bar owners say while they don’t have a figure on the financial impact, it’s good for the momentum of the business. They also told KEZI 9 News that fans stay late after the game to wind down from the excitement.

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