Local Marchers Take Back the Night

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds of people are expected to march in the annual Take Back the Night, protesting against sexual violence.

Organizers say this event serves as an opportunity for those impacted to speak out in unity.

The event, which began in Belgium in 1976, has since gained traction in the United States and abroad.

This year, Lane County’s rally will feature a variety of performances including a Sri Lankan writer who has documented the stories of sexual violence survivors.

Organizers say hosting the event on a college campus is particularly fitting.

“Education around sexual violence should be starting a lot earlier than it does here, and college campuses are where a lot of these crimes get perpetrated from the beginning,” said Claire Aubin, Women’s Center PR Coordinator.

The event is also hosted in part by Lane County’s Sexual Assault Support Services.

Students and university staff, as well as people from the community are expected to attend. Later in the evening they’ll have a speak-out event where survivors can share their stories.

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  1. Ivy Valkyrie says:

    Two women were escorted away from an event for women. That is appalling, all because they were providing services to females. TBTN Eugene did nothing but uphold male supremacy and misogyny by silencing 2 women, perhaps even silencing more women/females who wished to be in the female self defense class. Females have a right to female only spaces.

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