Local Marijuana Dispensary Raided

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local marijuana dispensary is back open after a narcotics raid Thursday afternoon.

The team of local law enforcement agencies says it seized pounds of marijuana that was ready for distribution, as well as evidence of money laundering. But customers of the dispensary say it’s hard for them to believe the business owners were doing anything illegal.

An open sign hung in the window of The Greener Side Friday morning, less than a day after an interagency narcotics team raided the dispensary.

“I can see some circumstances where the business wouldn’t be up and running today, but you know there might be a circumstance where they could be,” said Sgt. Carrie Carver, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Both Chelsea Hopkins and Jill Tanner were taken to the Lane County Jail, but neither sit behind bars anymore.

“One was pre-trial release and one was a capacity based release,” Carver said.

For people who frequent the dispensary, this raid was a surprise because they say the women are compassionate about their patients.

“People that are doing things for profit don’t help those that can’t afford it that just doesn’t go together,” said Eugene resident Katherine Hayden.

Police also raided a home in the River Road Area. Down in Medford, it was a similar story Thursday.

“These search warrants were actually executed in conjunction with the Medford Narcotics Team as well,” Carver said.

On The Greener Side’s website, it says the company operates in strict accordance to all local and state laws. But local authorities say the arrests come after a local investigation regarding the sale of marijuana.

“I do know that our teams do a really good job of gathering information and making sure they have probable cause for the search warrants, for the arrests,” Carver said.

But one Greener Side customer describes the raid differently. “They were just in there snapping pictures and it looked very, very shady and illegal,” Hayden said.

And although the doors were open for customers today, those who entered the dispensary left empty handed.

The interagency narcotics team consists of officers from Eugene, Springfield, the Lane County Sheriffs Office and Oregon State Police.

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