Local MMA Fighter Stops Robbery, Receives National Attention

November 7, 2011

By Jeff Skrzypek

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene mixed martial arts fighter is the talk of the world right now, but not for his fight on the mat.

Brent Alvarez was attending an MMA competition in Los Angeles this weekend when he stopped an armed robbery.

Alvarez and his student were walking into a hotel lobby when they heard the clerk yell for help.

They used their MMA skills to subdue the armed robber and hold him until police got there.

Surveillance footage shows the alleged armed robber walking into the hotel.

He then goes behind the desk and flashes his gun at the clerk.

Minutes later Alvarez and his student walked into the lobby, and that’s when the clerk yells for help.

The two struggled with the suspect, first trying to keep him from pulling his handgun out.

The three continued to fight until Alvarez flipped the suspect over and put him in a chokehold and body lock.

Since then, Alvarez says media from all around the country — and as far away as Italy — have picked up the story.

The altercation even made the front page of Yahoo and has taken off on YouTube.

“I just reacted to the gun. I saw the threat and tried to eliminate it. I never thought anything would become of the situation,” Alvarez said.

“We were just helping the guy out, and sure it was a life and death situation, especially after it happened thinking about that,” said MMA fighter Billy Denney.

Alvarez says he didn’t hit the suspect because at the time he didn’t feel physically threatened.

Alvarez says LAPD thanked him and his student for their brave work.

Meanwhile, the hotel clerk knocked a few dollars off their bill.

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