Local Park Playground Vandalized

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EUGENE, Ore. — A witness saw a group of juveniles early Thursday morning burning playground equipment near Sheldon High School. The area is still damaged, marked off with caution tape around the damaged equipment.

KEZI 9 News has been told a group of kids were using an aerosol can as a blow torch and deliberately burning a plastic oversized tic-tac-toe game. People who use this area say they don’t necessarily feel threatened by this crime, but they do call it senseless.

“It’s really unfortunate because the people that probably did it have no idea how blessed they are to have this stuff here the playground, the courts, the stadium, and what not. And they just take it for granted,” said Eugene resident Christopher Moberly.

Several officers responded to the call and they did find a group of juveniles near here. They cited them for curfew violations and small amounts of marijuana, but there were no arrests.

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