Local Program Helps Homeless Veterans

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EUGENE, Ore. — For Army veteran Eric Frey, finding a job has been tough. That’s why he came to St. Vincent de Paul.

“I heard about this program a couple of months ago. And I came to one of the weekly meetings and they accepted me right in as one of their own,” Frey said.

The Veterans in Progress (VIP) Program is federally funded and helps veterans like Frey.

“Getting a job, finding a place to live, you know, they see what you’ve gone through, and they want to help out,” Frey said.

“We have at least three employment specialists all helping assist members with everything from resumes, to interview skills, to applying for jobs, especially online,” said Christopher Douglass of St. Vincent de Paul.

Another portion of the job outreach program is a mock interview, where volunteer veterans ask questions a potential employer would ask.

“We just kind of throw out ideas that we think are important to let the veteran know what the employer might be looking for,” said Vietnam veteran Larry Senn.

Snn volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul regularly. He says he helps other veterans looking for work because he knows what it’s like to transition back to civilian life.

“We see guys coming back today and having problems, and I think it makes us feel good that we can sit down with these guys. We can empathize where they’re coming from,” Senn said.

And luckily for Frey, some of that work has paid off.

“I actually just got a seasonal job assembling products for Toys r Us. Any veteran who needs some help it’s great to at least give it a look come to one of the meetings, give it a try. Somebody will help you out,” Frey said.

The VIP Program is four years old and helps about 100 veterans a year. If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved in the program, click here.


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  1. August says:

    Veterans need living-wage FULL-TIME jobs; this nonsense is a joke & disrespects the veterans.

    How much is SVDP getting paid?

  2. August says:

    Where’s the living-wage career training for the veterans?

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