Local Residents Living Without Power

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EUGENE, Ore. — For some, the power is back on, and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

Neighbors in the Seavey Loop Road area were without power for about 24 hours.

Eugene resident Heather Lawrence says after just a day the dishes build up, laundry stacks up, and sleeping becomes a bit difficult.

In her case, she rolled a bed out to an area where they could be closer to a wood burning stove.

Lawrence says they spent quite a bit of time tending to a fish farm that was powered by a generator they were forced to continually refuel.

“We did think about going to a hotel for the night, but because we had to be in close proximity and it wasn’t really in the budget either, it was more convenient to stay here next to the fire and just wait it out,” Lawrence said.

She says in many ways it was better to stay busy by helping family, friends, and neighbors with cleaning debris, and shoveling snow.

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