Local Residents Remember Fallen Veterans

EUGENE, Ore. — People across the country are taking a moment this Memorial Day to honor the men and women who’ve served our country.

The meaning of the holiday sometimes lost in the extra day off.

But for those who’ve given their time and lives to this country, it’s something they’ll never forget.

“I served my country, and that’s special to me,” said veteran Frederick George Sieveking Jr.

Vietnam War veteran Don Teal had to fill out countless death certificates for his fallen comrades.

“I had to sign each sheet, so it was pretty much like rubbing in the horror,” Teal said.

For Teal, it’s more like Memorial May.

So while it’s tough sometimes to think of, it also helps.

“Remembering for those of us who have been there is a healing thing,” Teal said.

Speakers at the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery ceremony said it’s something that doesn’t happen just once a year.

“People who have lost sons and daughters, every day is Memorial Day. Not one day passes when they don’t think of that son or daughter that they lost,” one speaker said.

Many often use this day to celebrate the coming of summer.

“For the general public, it’s a day for steak and hamburgers,” said war veteran Nick Urhausen.

But it’s more than that.

“For those of us who served and know the people who didn’t come back, it’s very important,” Urhausen said.

“It’s a day of remembering and by remembering whoever it is in your life that has meant something to you. Remembering them honors them,” Teal said.

It’s about paying respects to all those who allow us to live with peace of mind.

From Eugene to Springfield and beyond, each event was filled with veterans, active military and several community members taking a moment to salute the people out there fighting for this country.

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