Local Residents Try Luck at Powerball

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Since no one cashed in on the Powerball jackpot Wednesday, people are testing their luck to see if they’ll be the lucky winner of Saturday’s $550 million jackpot.

A local Dari Mart saw steady traffic of shoppers picking up those Powerball tickets Thursday.

When the store manager arrived at work that morning, the jackpot was up to $475 million but continued to climb throughout the day. She says customers have been energetic and hopeful that they’ll win the big jackpot.

“They all have their dreams of what they would do with the money if they won, of course the usual pay off debt, get a house, get a car. They’re all talking about what they would do if they had the money,” said Teddi Wheeler, Dari Mart Manager.

People have until Saturday night to buy the Powerball tickets.

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