Local Shop Holds Prom Dress Giveaway

EUGENE, Ore. — A women’s clothing shop in Eugene spent the day collecting old prom dresses for its annual giveaway.

Little Black Dress on Willakenzie has gathered old prom dresses for four years and gives them away to local high school girls.

The store owner says she was compelled to start the program after seeing girls come into her shop, unable to afford the gowns they wanted.

She says tough economic times and the high prices of prom dresses have made it difficult for many struggling families.

“With the state of the economy, which seems to not go away, there are many, many families who maybe didn’t think about setting $500 aside for a prom gown,” said store onwer Tami Dean.

Local high school girls volunteered to help during the event and get the donated gowns ready to be handed out.

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