Local Star Returns Home for Cabaret Show

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield actor’s bringing his talents back to his hometown for a special cabaret show.

Eric Millegan’s known for his work on a hit TV show, but he says it was time to come back to his roots and shine.

“Theater is live and it’s real and it’s honest,” said cabaret performer Josh Daugherty. “There’s something beautiful about how immediate it is. It’s exciting to see everybody and to hear their voices.”

It’s a reunion 27 years in the making for Millegan, Peg Major, Bill Furtick and Daugherty. The four starred in a Eugene stage production of Oliver. That play turned out to be the beginning of their careers. Millegan went on to star in a hit TV show.

“I played the role of Dr. Zack Addy on the FOX television show Bones, ” said Millegan.

Eugene native Daugherty went on to have career in film. “I did a pretty big film a couple of years ago called, ‘We Were Soldiers,'” said Daugherty.

Millegan says he shines brightest in his cabaret show.

He’s toured New York, Los Angeles, DC and now he’s bringing the show home to Springfield and the Wildish Theater. ” I have the most people coming to this show than any of those,” said Millegan.

Cabaret is known for being intimate and unscripted.┬áMillegan’s show this Saturday night will have both of those elements. “It has this great energy where you can just talk to the audience like normal people.,” said Millegan.

Millegan’s former Oliver castmates will also join in a couple of numbers.

“It’s going to be a fun night of local talent getting together and doing what they do best, and it’s exciting.” said Daugherty.

The show starts at 8:00 p.m. at the Wildish Theater. Tickets are $30.

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