Local Student Wins National Competition

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Sheldon High School student got a standing ovation from her classmates during a surprise assembly.

Senior Moranda Rasmussen recently won Rocket-21 and NASA’s songwriting contest called Dream Here, Dream Big, Shoot for the Stars.

The song Falling is all about dreaming big despite any challenges you might face. As someone living with cerebral palsy, Moranda hopes others will take her experience and lyrics to heart.

“I just want people to see that you can do anything you put your mind to. I thought I’m not going to win this. This is for kids all across the 50 states. I’m just me, you know, whatever, but if you don’t take the chance and try it out, you’ll never know,” Moranda said.

Country music artist Ansel Brown was at Thursday’s celebration.

He recorded the song, which will be released on iTunes and Amazon Friday.


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  1. Tom Grayson says:

    This great news and it’s fantastic.

  2. A Moranda fan says:

    Loved the video. Can Moranda’s parents get any still pictures you might have from the video?

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