Local Theater Sees Sweet Success

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EUGENE, Ore. — A combination of sweets and smarts is behind a business partnership in downtown Eugene.

David Minor Theater in downtown Eugene is the only place you can go to watch a movie and have a beer in town. Now you can get dessert, too.

The theater has a look and feel that sets it apart from its competition. There are recliners and couches in place of the standard seat. The theaters are intimate. The menu choices are different, too. You’ll get more than popcorn and soda. The get food and beer from local restaurants.

So what if you get a craving in the middle of the movie?

“We have an interesting feature called ‘text-a-beer,’ where if a person is already in the theater but needs an extra beer, extra glass of wine, extra soda, popcorn, candy, they can text us without disturbing anyone in the theater. We go in and bring them what they’ve ordered,” said Ronny Goldfarb, David Minor Theater owner.

You can have a full meal and even dessert.

“You can text a cupcake. So you can text from your seat and get a cupcake delivered to your seat while you’re watching a movie. It’s pretty cool,” said Thaddeus Moore, The Divine Cupcake co-owner.

The Divine Cupcake’s been at its location on West 11th for more than two years, offering up sweets with smarts.

“From the very beginning, the Divine Cupcake has tried to be 100 (percent) organic,” Moore said.

But Eugene’s only cupcakery took on a new venture when it set up this cart next to the theater.

“They represent a classical small, local business and we determined, since our business model was somewhat similar, that we would join forces together,” Goldfarb said. “We think it’s a good thing. We think it helps people feel that this is part of an organic experience.”

If you want to test out the text-a-cupcake service, check out movie listings for the David Minor Theater online.

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