Local Voters Face Ballot Issues

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Have you gotten your ballot yet? The Lane County Elections Office says you should have by Tuesday.

Now’s the time to double-check your ballot and give the elections office a call with any questions.

November 6 isn’t far away and lately, we’ve been getting some questions and concerns from viewers regarding their ballots. So we spoke with the county’s elections office to see what issues pop up most often and how the staff there deals with it.

A KEZI 9 News viewer recently told us that his ballot didn’t match up to his voter’s pamphlet and some measures were missing. So we asked some fellow voters how they felt about the situation.

“Well, we don’t want people not being able to vote on things they should be able to vote on,” said voter Aaron Mitchell.

“It’s definitely disconcerting and kind of discouraging, too,” said Rachel Abrams.

As to how often issues like this come up, staff at the Lane County Elections Office said they haven’t had much trouble this year.

“Probably the most common right now is somebody has made a mistake so they voted for candidate A but now they want to vote for candidate B,” said Cheryl Betschart, Lane County Clerk Elections Manager.

Most voters agreed when it came to their ballot.

“I haven’t had any issues. Every time it’s been correct as far as I can tell,” Mitchell said.

“I’m over 60 years old and I’ve voted every time I possibly could vote and never had an issue with any of my ballots. If I did, I would simply contact somebody at the elections office and get it fixed,” said voter Anne Marie Brittan.

“If somebody thinks that there’s something missing, we would ask them to call our office and we can check their ballot style,” Betschart said.

Staff members said reaching out to them before making those marks is the best way to prevent errors.

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