Localized Flooding on Sunderman Road

Sunderman RoadMARCOLA, Ore. — Emergency workers in Lane County are closely monitoring rivers and streams and warning residents about localized flooding.

Emergency managers says they are keeping a close eye on the Row River and the McKenzie River near Vida–both with banks reaching close to full.

Other problem spots are the Mohawk and Siuslaw rivers. Neither one is controlled by a dam.

Sunderman Road in the Marcola area tends to always deal with flooding during these extreme storms. Most people in the area say they know they’re in a flood zone and are pretty used to dealing with high water.

“We really want to remind people to take advantage of the daylight areas and do whatever they need to do to protect their property. Make sure they have their animals in a safe place, any livestock that they tend to that,” said Linda Cook, Lane County Emergency Manager.

The Mohawk River is sitting just below the minor flooding stage, which is a couple feet lower than it was in March of 2012 when there was major flooding.

Mohawk fire crews say they are just waiting to see what happens but aren’t taking any preventative measures at this time. There is high water on parts of the road, so they advise drivers to be careful.

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